Skuzzi Radio #30 (Mixed by Nadja Lind)

#30 | Mixed by Nadja Lind

1-Shifting-Charlie Thorstenson-TENAMPA
2-Transversal-Oscar Mulero-MOD11
3-Biology, Behaviour and Disorders-Symmetrical Behaviour-
4-Hyperion (Original Mix)-Foreign Material-Pressology Publishing
5-Transport-Slam-Soma Rec
6-With A Gun (Original Mix)-DJ WestBeat-Triplepoint Publishing
7-Resonator-Hans Bouffmyhre-Korpus 9
8-Crawl-JX-216-Ascetic Limited
9-Santolaya (Shifted Alt Mix) DIGI ONLY-Tensal-
10-Select Agent-CF Corporation-Hidden Suite
11-Lyd-D. Diggler-Lucidflow
12-Swarm-Roberto Clementi-
13-Disruption (Original Mix)-Notzing-Pressology Publishing
14-Sizzler-Samuel L Session-SYXT Records
15-Moving-Charlie Thorstenson-TENAMPA

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